12:30 - 13:00 Welcome, tea & coffee Room: First Floor
  Parallel Session A
Room: Van der Vorm Zaal
& Plate Zaal
 13:00 - 14:30 Creative imagination, ethics and the care for older people
  Chair: T.J.H. Niessen
  1 Creating a common vision through dialogues and creative expression: the case of the Hazelaar
  M.W.C. Snoeren, Fontys University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands
  2 Client participation in an evaluation of integrated care for frail older persons
  J. Bindels, Maastricht University, the Netherlands
  3 Inspiring and empowering health care assistants
to become ethical leaders
  T.J.H. Niessen, Fontys University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands
  4 Photographs to give voice to people with dementia
  G.G. Zadelhoff, Maastricht University, the Netherlands
 A2-S21 Symposium Room: Van Rijckevorsel Zaal & Ruys Zaal
 13:00 - 14:30 New perspectives and opportunities to promoting positive ageing in older people
  Chair: M. Horne
  1 Improving older people’s involvement in health and in care decision-making
  M. Attree, University of Manchester, United Kingdom
  2 Healthy ageing: Preventing falls and promoting active living in older people across Europe
  M. Horne, University of Manchester, United Kingdom
  3 Healthy ageing: Positive health among older people with focus on sleep habits and falls
  C. Fagerström, Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden
  4 European perspectives on developing collaborative working to promote positive ageing in older people
  I. Rahm Hallberg, Lund University, Sweden
 A3-S26 Symposium Room: Mees Zaal
 13:00 - 14:30 Small scale, homelike living arrangements - the future of dementia care?
  Chair: E. van Rossum
  1 Small-scale living: characteristics and implications for residents, family and nursing staff
  H. Verbeek, Maastricht University, the Netherlands
  2 Shared housing arrangements for persons suffering from dementia–the Berlin Longitudinal Study DeWeGE
  K. Wolf-Ostermann, Alice Salomon Hochschule Berlin, Germany
  3 Living arrangements for people with dementia study: Nursing staff well-being and quality of care
  D. Smit, Trimbos Instituut, Utrecht, the Netherlands
 14:30 - 15:00 Break Room: First Floor
 15:00 - 16:30 Plenary session 1, opening ceremony Room: Willem Burger Zaal
  Chair: Prof. Caroline Carlisle, RN, PhD
University of Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
Hanneke Hillmann, RN
Chair European Nursing Congress Foundation
Prof. Herdis Sveinsdóttir, RN, PhD
Chair Workgroup of European Nurse Researchers
  Keynote addresses
  KN1 Setting the agenda: Future of care
Prof. Ingalill Rahm Hallberg, RN, PhD
Professor in Health Care Science, Lund University, Sweden
Director of the Swedish Institute for Health Sciences
Assistant Vice Chancellor of Lund University,
President of the European Academy of Nursing Science
  KN2 Setting the agenda: Facing challenges in nursing workforce
Marcelis Boereboom
Director General Long-term Care Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport
  KN3 The future of Care: Nursing research can make the difference
Prof. Jan Hamers, RN, PhD
Professor of care of older people, Maastricht University, the Netherlands
Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences
School for Public Health and Primary Care (CAPHRI)
 17:00 Doors open for welcome reception City Hall
 17:30 - 19:00 Opening reception City Hall of Rotterdam Coolsingel 40, Rotterdam
Offered by the City of Rotterdam
Welcome by
the Mayor of Rotterdam, Ahmed Aboutaleb
Performance by a special choir of Surinam singers
organized by Stichting Prefuru and Humanitas
  Download Monday programma (pdf)
Download complete programme (pdf)


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